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Animations and Animatics

"Perceive Me Not"

Late Autumn, 2021

A short animation video done by a team of two members.

This video follows the story of girl with severe social anxiety as she tries to go out into the world to buy groceries.

"Custom Maid"

Early Autumn, 2021


A satirical animation loop on how maids are perceived as mere objects rather than humans.


They are hired as per our needs, and in the most extreme cases, based on requirements that can not be changed like caste, and religion.

"Dancing under the Moonlight"
Late Autumn, 2020

A short animation video of Krishna entertaining his Gopis under the mesmerizing moonlight.

"The Traveling Poet"

Autumn, 2020

A short animatic, that follows the journey of a traveler poet known as Kaa'. As he wanders the mysterious forest of the East, he stumbles upon a dangerous foe.


What does his future hold? Watch the animatic to find out.

"The Story of Phad"

Early Autumn, 2020

A short animated GIF that tells the audience how the ancient art of Phad is produced. The infamous art style of Phad is appropriated in the GIF.

"The Witches' Recipe"

Autumn, 2019

A short animation video, where a mysterious Witch teaches her young audiences how to make the infamous Magical Protein Shake.

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