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"The Scraped Shapes"
Early Spring, 2023


An ongoing web series following the adventures of a rag-tag group called “The Scraped Shapes”. 

The series can be found  on “r/TheScrapedShapes” in the Reddit website. 


Started in February of 2023, the series follows the adventures of Owkward the Fifth and his newly found members as they begin their journey to become legendary heroes in a world of magic and monsters.

"The Land Of I'Kaau"
Summer, 2021


A few pages from an illustrated series that follows the journey of an explorer as he travels to an ancient city of lost gods.


The series is purely in black and white to emulate a real life journal. 

"Kaai, The God of Gambling"
Late Winter, 2020

God of gambling 1.jpg
God of gambling 2.jpg



The god of gambling and destiny


One of the lesser gods, forgotten and abandoned, Kaai lays in a slumber, on top of his mythical die throne, forever shuffling his cards of fate.


His name, forgotten; his worshippers, dead; his temples, destroyed; and his resting place removed from the ancient texts of history.


Kaai is waiting, not for worshippers, not for his temples, but for the birth of another universe. Its not known for what purpose, but it is known that he failed it in this universe.


Kaai takes the form of crows, bringing premonitions and whispers of secrets and lies.


His throne of die, made from a meteorite, and filled with condensed souls of life, acts as his source of power. His cards, written in the language of gods, foretell destinies of the great, good and evil alike. The destinies are not predetermined, its a gamble. And those who gamble, shall reap their fortunes.


“One isn’t born to be great, he gambles his life and takes hold off his destiny.”

- The lost scripture of Kaai

"Isometric Witch Doctor Room 1"

Autumn, 2020

iso 1.jpg

"Isometric Witch Doctor Room 2"

Autumn, 2020

iso 2.jpg
iso 2 grey.jpg

"Good Bye"
Late Spring, 2020

car  boii.jpg

"Love Advice From A Doll"

Early Spring, 2020

monster advice 9.jpg
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